The Health Hub @ Herne Hill is
South London's Private Medical Clinic
Phone 0207 870 9161 to make your appointment

HealthHub is fully approved and accredited by the CQC and recently passed a CQC inspection with flying colours

How can we help you?

Imagine seeing a doctor, even a specialist, at an appointment time that's convenient for you - the same day as you call?

You arrive at the clinic, and are called in at the specified time - and after the appointment, you're off.

That's the beauty of a private medical clinic. That's exactly what HealthHub offers you and your family.

HealthHub is South London's private medical clinic - with quality, convenience and good value.

We accept self-pay patients and all insurance plans.

  • If you’re frequently sneezing, feeling itchy skin or have stomach upsets, you may have an allergy. It’s a very common problem, and can make you miserable – even put you at risk...
  • We are committed to providing the most up-to-date care for treatment of sinus, ear, nose, and throat disorders. Our physicians have extensive experience in dealing with disorders of the sinuses, ears, nose...
  • If you’re having an emergency, call your general practitioner (GP). If this is a life-threatening emergency, dial 999. At HealthHub, we are available for minor emergency issues (during the day or out...
  • Male Health is a big issue – males generally die 7 years younger than females. There are many reversible reasons for that, and screening is a good way of finding out. Many...
  • If you’re ready to see a younger face in the mirror, without those little lines, you’re ready for Botox. Over the past decade, thousands of women and men have benefited from this...
  • If you have an ear, nose, throat problem, you want a diagnosis right away. You want to know exactly what’s wrong, and what your treatment options are. And, because life is hectic,...
  • You can avoid long waits in the A+E simply by stopping at HealthHub in South London for small injuries. A minor cut, a splinter, a sprain — these are all minor incidents...
  • If you have minor skin problems — skin tags, warts, moles, cysts – these can be removed cleanly and quickly by one of our experienced surgeons, under local anaesthesia.
  • If you’re overweight… if you snore… here’s serious news. Your may have sleep apnoea, a health problem that puts you at high risk of heart problems and other complications, including extreme daytime...
  • We realize your life is hectic, and that health concerns can be overwhelming. You want a medical doctor you can trust to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and help you sort...
  • You can have a safe, healthy, trouble-free journey when you take the proper precautions before setting out. We provide the appropriate travel vaccinations and prescriptions for your specific itinerary. And, we can...
  • We all want to provide the optimum protection for our children. Now, you can do that with the Meningitis B vaccine, called Bexsero, which we provide FREE to all children under one...
  • Before studying nutrition, I trained and worked as an actress in London, New York and Los Angeles. It was whilst living in L.A that I became truly excited and inspired about health...
  • Snoring is a very common problem, and occurs when the airway (breathing tube) becomes partially blocked while we sleep. Once snoring starts, it tends to slowly worsen, until the blockage of the...
  • You want a nice silky-smooth look – and it’s very easy, with today’s technology and hair removal practices. We’ll remove unwanted hair to give you the attractive look you’ve wanted – at...
About Health Hub
HealthHub has the resources required to run a full clinic service for the majority of medical specialities. From blood tests and prescriptions, to sports injuries and sports medicine.
Straight Talking Health Care for South London

When it's time to see a doctor, you want an appointment very soon, at a time convenient to your busy schedule. You want answers, with minimum delay and hassle. That's what you can expect from HealthHub of South London.

  • Over 10 expert physicians are ready to meet with you, discuss your concerns, and provide the tests and treatments you need.
  • Full range of medical specialties: Ear, Nose and Throat, allergy testing, sports medicine, travel, male health, endoscopy, and more.
  • Flexible appointments, so you'll quickly see a specialist, with minimal wait in the office.
Meet our team
HealthHub has the resources required to run a full clinic service for the majority of medical specialities.
  • Mike Dilkes
    ENT Consultant
  • Tamara Russell
    Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Su Yap
    Psychotherapy, Sexual Psychotherapy and Counselling
  • Dr Richard Stott
    Clinical Psychologist
  • Fran Roberts
    Integrative Counsellor
  • Sandra Bufano
  • Daniel Biluska
    Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy
  • Rose Glover
  • Lettie Blackett
  • Sharen Hayre
    Clinical Psychologist
Book Online
Stop Snoring The Easy Way: And The Real Reasons You Need To by [Dilkes, Dr. Mike, Adams, Alex]

Author of Stop Snoring The Easy Way: And The Real Reasons You Need To

As seen on ITV's This Morning

"The stricking fact is that snoring is actually a bad habit like smoking or drinking and that you can stop this habit. The way the authors explain this message is very convincing and the "workout" described to finally get rid of this bad habit is easy to follow and takes less time than brushing your teeth as a daily routine.

So, this is a great book and a must-read for every snorer or partner of a snorer!"