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How we can help


Need a fast alternative to A&E?

You can avoid long waits in the A+E simply by stopping at HealthHub in South London for small injuries. A minor cut, a splinter, a sprain — these are all minor incidents that don’t require general anaesthesia to treat.

We have experienced surgeons on hand to assess and treat these injuries – with suturing, stitching, or MRI scanning (when significant damage is suspect) at a very competitive price.

Minor injury? Take the first step

Call our office, and schedule an appointment. These procedures take very little time, from 15 minutes to a half-hour (or more). The time depends on the condition and the procedure. You can possibly take care of this on a lunch hour!

Pricing for minor injury treatments


  • £100 for consultation, £50 per procedure (stitches, steristrips etc), £20 for local anaesthetic.

We accept self-pay patients and all insurance plans.

Contact us for help with minor injuries


Please call us on 0207 870 9166 or complete the contact form and we'll get in touch with you right away.

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Minor injury prices
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