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Is snoring a problem?​

Snoring is a very common problem, and occurs when the airway (breathing tube) becomes partially blocked while we sleep. Once snoring starts, it tends to slowly worsen, until the blockage of the airway becomes severe, and breathing stops altogether — for just a moment.

During that very brief halt in breathing, many physical changes occur.

When breathing stops, the amount of oxygen in the blood starts to drop. The body responds to the lack of oxygen — releasing adrenaline and sending the pulse rate up. This causes the snorer to wake up, then breathing returns to normal and the blood oxygen goes back to a normal level.

This is called sleep apnoea.

It can happen hundreds of times a night, causing poor-quality sleep (due to constantly waking up). This pattern also triggers several medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes), high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Our approach to treating sleep apnoea


Sleep studies are used to analyse this pattern and to find out if the patient has a sleep apnoea problem. You can do this in your own home.

We will send you a pulse oximeter with memory, which measures your pulse rate and oxygen saturation all night long. You will wear this device overnight, then send it back to us in the morning. We will download and analyse the data – and arrange an appointment to discuss the results.

If you have sleep apnoea, this is the first step toward treatment.


Today, we have many types of treatments that give you lasting relief from sleep apnoea, and finally a good night’s sleep.

Take the first step

If you have suffered from snoring, it’s time to get answers. You can be tested using overnight oximetry and can be seen after to discuss this and the extent of any underlying apnoea. This study costs £450. Simply call our office to set up an appointment.

Snoring is a social problem, as your bed partner does suffer. But if you have sleep apnoea, you have a real condition that can damage your health. Snorers should be tested to make sure they don’t have this health problem. The risks to your overall health, including heart attack, are too great to ignore.

We are linked with the London Sleep Centre where we can facilitate more in-depth testing and treatment with mandibular advancement or CPAP devices.

Pricing for sleep apnoea treatments


  • Snoring and sleep apnoea consultation £250 (includes full cost of flexible endoscopy)

  • Sleep apnoea overnight monitoring and analysis £450

We accept self-pay patients and all insurance plans apart from AXA PPP.

Contact us to discuss snoring and sleep apnoea


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