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Problems with being overweight

If you’re overweight… if you snore… here’s serious news. You may have sleep apnoea, a health problem that puts you at high risk of heart problems and other complications, including extreme daytime fatigue. Sleep apnoea is a very common problem, and is very treatable to reduce the serious risks.

What are the risk factors for sleep apnoea?

  • Body Mass Index between 25-30.

  • Neck circumference of 17 inches or more.

  • Being male and older.

  • Smoking triples your risk.

  • Allergies and nasal congestion.


Sleep apnoea can cause serious health problems:

  • High blood pressure and heart problems.

  • High cholesterol.

  • Pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

  • Excessive fatigue.

What can you do?


You’ve got to lose the weight, to avoid these serious health problems.


HealthHub doctors have designed a specific diet promoting healthy eating and slow continuous weight loss — so that Real Men can reach an acceptable target. HealthHub dieticians are highly recognised specialists offering the latest in dietary advice. By eating the right foods, you can finally shed the pounds.

Why is weight loss so difficult for men?

It’s a struggle for real men to lose weight. Very often, they don’t like exercise that doesn’t involve competition. They might feel too fat and they therefore look stupid, plus they get bored too quickly. They won’t calorie count and they won’t go on faddy non-sustainable diets.

Real Men are good at meeting realistic targets, however.

A diet where large quantities of tasty food are eaten, in a scientific plan that does not involve calorie counting, leads to sustainable long-term change in weight, fitness and approach to life.

Real man diet

Why does this method work?


  • Fat is the ultimate energy storage, packing more calories per gramme than any other human tissue. Not good.

  • Hunger causes insulin release, slowing of metabolism and fat formation – starvation mode. It must be avoided.

  • Low GIycaemic Index (GI) foods release carbohydrate slowly, avoiding starvation mode and the need for snacking.

Here’s the plan



  • Bulk out on low GI. Here are three good examples:

  • Porridge. A really big bowl, with sultanas or a small amount of jam.

  • Rye bread with low-fat vegetable spread, or butter in small quantities, and Marmite.

  • All Bran in large quantities with low fat milk (semi-skimmed), with a good dollop of Alpen (or similar non-sugar sweetener) to make it palatable.

  • Plus 2 pints of water, 2 double espresso coffees or tea equivalent. The aim is to feel very full of bulk, water and coffee.


Lunch: Here are two examples:

  • 200 or 300g of low-fat meat – ham, pastrami, beef. Eat large quantities of raw or pickled vegetables, e.g., red cabbage, onions. Lots of coffee or tea, at least 1 pint water. The goal is to feel full again, as much as at breakfast.

  • Rye bread sandwiches with low-fat spread with marmite, low-fat cheddar cheese or ham (you can have two or all three).



  • Avoid fat, and promote low GI. Rice cookers are very useful, especially the multi-function versions. One recipe: Brown rice risotto with onions, garlic, fish stock, cherry tomatoes, with a large piece of salmon on top for the last 10 minutes of cooking.

More options

  • Fillet or rump steak, or lean pork, venison, lamb, chicken (skin off). Large quantities. Top up with coffee, water. Or, brown pasta with beans (e.g., butter, kidney, borlotti), chickpeas, lentils, vegetables. Anything with barley is very good. Use low-fat extra-lean minced beef and lamb, and low-fat cheddar. Big portions will avoid hunger and snacking.

Limit while dieting

  • Alcohol, ice cream, chocolate, white bread and sugar.

  • Dry white wine or spirits with low-calorie mixers are fine in moderation.

  • One bottle dry white wine contains 650 calories, approximately.

  • Butter and olive oil in small amounts.


  • No snacking apart from tea/coffee/water.

  • No fruit.

  • No bread except very low GI like Rye, Pumpernickel or Spelt.

  • No white rice or pasta. No potatoes.

  • No cheese or chocolate.

  • No pastry, dumplings, Yorkshire puddings. No puddings or sugar, yoghurt custard etc.

  • Your motto: Brown, lean and raw is good.


  • Workout to reduce your Body Mass Index (BMI). Workout the weight when BMI is 27.9. Subtract this weight from the actual weight = target weight loss. Divide this by 12 = target weight loss per week.


  • At the end of the 12-week cycle, BMI should be well below 30. The exact target (<27.9) is your end point. At this stage go to Phase 2 of the Real Man Diet.

Take the first step

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