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Here at Health Hub we get a lot of complaints from patients who have had a loss of hearing. The loss of a sense is completely bewildering as these are the routes of perception.

The main reason for loss of hearing is a simple one. A build up of ear wax. Ear wax is a cocktail of dead skin cells and a waxy substance that is secreted in the ear canal. It’s essential to the cleaning and lubrication of our ears and the prevention of nasty ear infections. The wax is suppose to migrate out of the ear canal and into the open air but this is not always the case. Some people are genetically prone to the interruption of this natural migration which results in a build up of ear wax.

The dentist, however frightening, becomes a part of our lives’ from a very young age. We are taught that we must keep going for check ups and be conscious over the state of our teeth for fear of losing them. Ears have long been neglected which can result in the loss of hearing completely. A build up of ear wax can also prevent your ear from draining so water gets trapped behind it and becomes a brilliant home for growing bacteria and fungi.

Many people suffer in silence for many years before getting their ears checked. At Health Hub London we provide an ear waxing service which is quick, painless and affordable. Getting to the root of the problem early is key in ensuring healthy hearing and our consultant recommends ear waxing every six months for those who suffer from ear blockages.

Don’t experience the horror of losing your hearing. Health Hub can help!

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