Wax Workshop The Madame Tussaud’s of Health Care

For all cases of ear wax and blockage.
Specialising in microsuction of ear wax and infection.

Safe (Not Scary) Earwax Removal

Even a very small organ like the ear can cause irritation. That’s why a modern clinic must treat earwax issues quickly – so you can return to your normal lifestyle right away.

If you or your child has experienced decreased hearing, ear pain, a “plugged” sensation, ringing, itching or drainage from your ear, you likely have ear wax buildup. If you try unplugging earwax on your own, you risk damaging your ear canal – and your hearing. Q-tips only push the wax further down the ear canal.

Wax Workshop provides safe, effective earwax removal:

  • Using high magnification via a microscope, and powerful suction, we can treat most ear problems, from foreign bodies (usually children), to stuck cotton buds and ear wax.
  • Ear wax is removed safely, protecting the delicate internal structures of the ear canal.
  • No complications reported from ear wax removal.

Children and adults love our Madame Tussaud’s Earwax Workshop.

Based at HealthHub – under Herne Hill train station, 8 minutes from London Victoria and 10 minutes from London Blackfriars.

All consultations by a top London Ear Nose and Throat Consultant.

What’ the price?

1 ear: £150
2 ears: £200
Standard rates for insurance companies (A GP letter may be required. You can ask an online GP for this).

Phone 0207 870 9161

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