Snoring Treatment

Fads come and go in this area which can often be on the edge of traditional medicine. It all comes down to the airway (breathing) behind the tongue. That is the trigger point. Often it’s the soft palate that is the site of sound production, so lots of faddy, money raising poorly investigated treatments have appeared, and disappeared, over the years. In particular, radiofrequency is one of these odd modalities that keeps cropping up, as it did in the soft palate maybe 15 years ago. A lot of ENT Surgeons jumped on the bandwagon, made a few quid, then gave it up. Other soft palate treatments like Pillar Implants also never really took off, as they didnt work to an extent that justified their cost and discomfort caused. The only one I quite liked was Phenol injection of the soft palate submucosa – this caused quite a marked contraction and fibrosis as phenol (more commonly used to inject piles) is extremely irritant to tissue. However I stopped doing it when the Phenol caused so much damage in one patient that it blew a hole in the soft palate (which thankfully healed on its own). That was the problem – it was hard to control the effect.
So we have ended up with what we started with – Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) or Laser Palatoplasty. Both work, long term, but are associated with high pain for 2 weeks postoperatively. I do the laser procedure as its quick and done under local anaesthetic most of the time. Albeit I do this sparingly as to me treatment of the Soft Palate should be a last resort in snorers.
Mike Dilkes
ENT Surgeon, HealthHub

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