Nose bleed

Nose bleeds can be at least annoying, at worst frightening. Generally the older you get, the more frightening they are, as they tend to last longer and have a higher volume.
They can be a sign of a blood clotting abnormality, such as Haemophilia or Von Willebrands disease. More seriously, nose bleeds can be the first sign of leukaemia in children. In adults they can also signify cancer of the nose or post nasal space, or Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome.
Treatment is usually with cautery using a chemical called silver nitrate. This is not painful, but does cause some tingling for a minute or so. It may need to be repeated after 2 weeks. More serious cases may require sponge packing, and surgery under general anaesthetic to clip off one or more of the arteries going to the nose.

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