Minor Injuries

You can avoid long waits in the A+E simply by stopping at HealthHub in South London for small injuries. A minor cut, a splinter, a sprain — these are all minor incidents that don’t require general anaesthesia to treat.

We have experienced surgeons on hand to assess and treat these injuries – with suturing, stitching, or MRI scanning (when significant damage is suspect) at a very competitive price.

Minor Injuries

Take the first step

Call our office, and schedule an appointment. These procedures take very little time, from 15 minutes to a half-hour (or more). The time depends on the condition and the procedure. You can possibly take care of this on a lunch hour!

What’s the price?

£100 for consultation, £50 per procedure (stitches, steristrips etc), £20 for local anaesthetic.

We accept self-pay patients and all insurance plans.

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