Blocked Nose

A very common human problem. Its often due to allergy, but sinus disease, nasal polyps, adenoids, deviated septum etc have to be excluded by an ENT surgeon. Once the diagnosis is made, it is usually a simple choice between medication and surgery – people vary as to what they want. Surgery is fairly simple day surgery in most cases, with around 48 hours off work recommended afterwards. Its not a painful operation, there are no scars or black eyes etc, although it is very much like having a cold post operatively, for about 7 days.
Medications take the form of sprays – steroid, anti histamine, anti cholinergic, mast cell stabilisers, salt water douches or sprays. Then you can add in a variety of antihistamine tablets, plus antileucotriene’s, steroids, finally injections of steroid, usually as a depot – slow release over 2-3 months.

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