40% of the Western world population is said to have some form of allergy. Most of us are untested and therefore have no idea what they might be allergic to.
There are many allergy tests out there, most of which seem to have no scientific basis. At HealthHub we use the only proper scientific tests – specific IgE from your own blood, and skin prick testing.
IgE stands for Immunoglobulin E. It is an antibody, which means it binds to an antigen, like a lock and key – only one antibody fits with one antigen. An antigen is the substance with which you react – such as grass pollen in Hay Fever sufferers. The locked complex of antibody and antigen then causes cells to rupture, releasing Histamine, which causes the symptoms of allergy – swelling, itching, sneezing, blockage, running – whether in the nose, eye, on the skin or in the gut. The treatment of allergy is avoidance, drug therapy (blocking the Histamine effect, or the pathway causing its release) or desensitisation – making you tolerant to the allergen you react with.

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